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Feb 26, 2016 How To Start Your Own Company. . Starts Skate Brand Makes video about how to start Skate/any Brand Uses bike company as example in video? Put your products on eBay and amazon for a little higher $ to make up for the percentage eBay takes then more people will come see your website I've 【Get Price】

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Making your own skateboard from scratch is not as difficult as it used to be. With basic So, before you think of designing your own skateboard make sure you have enough knowledge about these parts. The next thing You will see some popular brand names from where you can purchase the materials for the skateboard. 【Get Price】

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May 5, 2015 Starting your own board company isn't that hard—you just have to be prepared to make hardly any money from it (unless you're a well-loved pro or your company is Palace). Do it, why not, right? All you need is a minimum of a couple thousand bucks and a general idea of what your company is or would like 【Get Price】

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Design WHATEVER you want on YOUR own Custom Skateboard or Custom Longboard Deck! Make quality longboards and skateboardswith your own graphics, photos, and style! 【Get Price】

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Jan 5, 2015 speaks with a selection of pro skaters about the business of starting a skate brand. How to start your own skateboard company . No matter how huge your empire-building gets, remember the people who help keep it clean and do all these small things for you -- just thank them, you know? 【Get Price】

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Free Shipping on All Complete Skateboards WE WILL ASSEMBLE YOUR COMPLETE BEFORE SHIPPING. $99.99 Complete. Starter Level; Decks $29.99 or Less; Best Price; Comes assembled · $109.99 Complete. Intermediate Level; Decks $39.99 or Less; Top Brands Included; Comes assembled · $119.99 Complete. 【Get Price】

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Apr 13, 2014 From time to time we get a requests like “how to start a skateboard brand“ or “make your own skateboard brand”. It's great to have a courage to doing this. Make something special – something yours. We would really like to help you with it, so contact us anytime and we can discuss it. Well, we have some 【Get Price】

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Click a part above and browse until you find the item you want in your setup. Click Add to Complete. Repeat until you've picked each part (risers are optional, but usually recommended for larger wheels 55mm and above). Choose whether you want us to assemble and grip your complete at no extra charge, then click Add to 【Get Price】

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Explore the largest selection of new skateboard decks for your custom in stock now. Get your skateboard decks at Warehouse Skateboards. 【Get Price】

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Building your own pro grade skateboard is easy now with our step by step detailed guidelines. Read and build your own pro grade easily! 【Get Price】

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Build Your Own Complete Skateboard. Exit Complete Builder. Select A Pro Setup. + Add deck · + Add trucks · + Add wheels · + Add bearings · Optional+ Add risers · + Add griptape · + Add hardware 【Get Price】