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Jul 2, 2011 Hi all I have a job to do for a friend. being a friend, I don't want him to think I am ripping him off (even though he knows I would never do that 【Get Price】

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And plastering is 13 euro a square meter and upwards.Ceilings i did for 20 euro a square meter and the thicker i had to plaster the higher the price.I plastered with a one coat plaster with a 1 cm layer between the 25 and 30 square meters.Thats between the 300 and 400 euro a day.And when i skimmed in the Netherlands i 【Get Price】

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The basis of costs per square metre measured on flat and windows including Learn your costs. Remember these rates are the average of painter's costs and you must decide for yourself as to their usefulness – the very term average (of rates) indicates some Skim coat plasterboard walls after paper removal m2. 14.00. 【Get Price】

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Dec 30, 2017 Average plastering costs? How much you will pay for getting your room or entire house plastered will depend on the amount of plastering to be done. Most plasterers will use a measurement of how many square metres of wall space will require covering. This is mostly due to the number of plasterboards 【Get Price】

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We have artex ceilings in our lounge, dinning room, hallway and 2 bedrooms. We are considering plastering over it to a smooth finish. How much does this cost (per sq m?). We're in Bournemouth. Not ready to hire yet - hence no job. 【Get Price】

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Nov 15, 2010 Skimming is in the region of €3-€5 a square metre (labour only). Whatever you do don't skimp on either trade - it's finished wall you will be looking at and a good skimmer can do little with rough boarding and good boarding can be left looking bad with a bad skimmer. Thats a ridiculous price if ever i heard 【Get Price】

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Oct 8, 2017 Subby site rates im getting 4 a mtr skimming and 9 on float and set. Click to expand I'm pricing a total refurb , thinking £10 a metre skim materials, high ceiling etc included. Scratch coat ore dot and dab £15 a metre . 2 coats of sand and cement with water proof at £22 per metre . Topsy ? Like 1; Show all 【Get Price】

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Jan 22, 2006 (b) slab/dryline & skim - first quotation was €12 per square metre (Labour only) (c) skim only - first quotation was €8 per square metre (Labour only) Externally, for either a nap or wet dash finish, I have been quoted, labour only price of €15 per square metre. Plasterer didn't differentiate between corners, 【Get Price】

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Apr 13, 2010 Default. befor the recession it was 150 a day on domestic work for skimming . and if it on a sq m price id try from 8.75 to 10.00 now it s 100 a day if your lucky on . did a job today for a woman today . her broth is high up for bellway building ,he reckons another six months and it might pick up more 【Get Price】