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Metal Detecting & Treasure Hunting has always held great mystique for many people. . We are delighted to announce that a Code of Practice on Responsible Metal Detecting in England and Wales has been agreed by all key archaeological bodies and metal detecting and landowners' organisations. This is the first time 【Get Price】

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The Treasure Act is a piece of legislation designed to deal with finds of treasure primarily those made by metal detectorists in England and Wales. It legally obliges finders of objects which constitute a legally defined term of treasure to report their find to their local coroner within fourteen days. An inquiry led by the coroner 【Get Price】

Metal Detecting Law in Scotland and Northern Ireland Joan Allen

Mar 16, 2012 In this blog post I will cover the Law for Scotland & Northern Ireland. Scotland: What to do if you make a find All finds, whether made by chance, by metal-detecting, fieldwalking or archaeological excavation are the property of the Crown and may be claimed as treasure trove If you have found a coin and/or… 【Get Price】

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There is an important question you must ask yourself. 'Where will I go detecting?' If you only plan to use it on a beach, great! The world is your oyster or rather, a lot of the English and Welsh foreshore is. It's the only place you can lawfully go detecting without express permission HOWEVER, you will still need a permit! 【Get Price】

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MDHTALK - Metal Detecting Hobby Talk is a website dedicated to the hobby of metal detecting. This website is design to be a repository for metal detecting information and data. The website offers information on: laws, national resources, state resources, metal detecting clubs, local requirements, legislation, events calendar 【Get Price】

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Laws on Metal Detecting in the UK. The Treasure Act. Any metallic object, other than a coin, provided that at least 10 per cent by weight of metal is precious metal (that is, gold or silver) and that it is at least 300 years old when found. If the object is of prehistoric date it will be Treasure provided any part of it is precious metal. 【Get Price】

Laws Regarding Metal Detecting on private property, State property

A metal detector user may be in violation of the law if artifacts are recovered during metal detecting, or if archaeological sites are disturbed during metal detecting activities. Artifacts and archaeological sites on federal, state, and local jurisdiction-controlled properties are protected by law. Archaeological resources on private 【Get Price】

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Mar 3, 2003 Inside Out delves into the world of metal detectoring. Several illegal British finds have ended up in the USA. In the past, the police have been extremely But if you still think you could be the next finder of buried treasure - the legal way - why not contact your local Metal Detectors club? If not - you can rest 【Get Price】

Code of Practice for Responsible Metal Detecting in England and

If undertaken responsibly metal-detecting can make an important contribution to archaeological knowledge. This document aims to provide guidance for metal-detectorists who wish to contribute to our understanding of the history of England and Wales. It combines both the requirements of finders under the law, as well as 【Get Price】

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Please note that foreshore in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is defined as the land between mean high water and mean low water. Seabed Metal Detecting. At present The Crown Estate does not grant permits for the sea bed as the Treasure Act does not apply below the foreshore. Finds above the low water mark are 【Get Price】

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Under the English Laws, landowners have the sole title and ownership to any archaeological artifacts found on their land or property. It is good practice to make an agreement, preferably a written contract with the landowners or tenants before you metal 【Get Price】