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Low maintenance is the way to go when it comes to your home. These 8 home materials will make maintaining your home easier and less time-consuming. 【Get Price】

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Sep 18, 2012 Spend more time doing what you love with these pointers for minimizing cleaning needs throughout the entire house. If you must have wall-to-wall carpet, try limiting that to bedrooms, where you'll tend to go barefoot. Your walls should be easy to clean too, especially if you have children or pets. 【Get Price】

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Aug 16, 2017 If you intend to build a low-maintenance house, the deciding factors will be the materials and components used, how well they are designed and how they Properties with cavity walls, including those with a timber superstructure, are required to have ventilation to the outside flowing between the leaves to 【Get Price】

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House Siding Options Generally for application, a wooden wall is covered with galvanized metal screening and tar paper, then covered with stucco. time passes, the upside of the investment becomes clear; stone will be as natural and attractive decades later as when first installed, with little in the way of maintenance. 【Get Price】

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Sep 30, 2014 The Innovative Maintenance-Free House, by Arkitema Architects, is one of two houses designed with the goal of lasting 150 years, with minimum maintenance for the first fifty. "The house was to be built of new and innovative materials that still have to prove their durability and reliability over time – or at the 【Get Price】

EASIER COTTAGE LIVING: Low-maintenance Design & Building

Nov 17, 2010 Composite wood substitutes certainly have their place in reducing your cottage maintenance load, but do you have your heart set on some kind of real wood siding for your new cottage or addition? Consider cedar shingles as an exterior wall siding option. It is by-far the longest lasting, most weather-resist 【Get Price】

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Feb 11, 2016 Low-maintenance homes with easy-to-clean surfaces are on the wish lists of millennial homebuyers. Here's the Interior Features That Count. Choose For all its softness underfoot, wall-to-wall carpet requires regular vacuuming, not to mention constant fretting over spilled wine and other would-be stains. 【Get Price】

Planning a Low Maintenance Easy To Clean Bathroom Design

Aug 23, 2017 Wall Mounted Appliances. Toilets and Faucets that are wall mounted make it easy to wipe clean the surfaces underneath. Easier access to the entire floor makes mopping fast and easy. The same goes for cleaning countertops. In the bathroom pictured above, even the vanity itself is hung from the wall so 【Get Price】

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Glasteel offers a large assortment of products developed for home and gardening applications. Designed to provide low-maintenance solutions in exterior and interior coverings as well as decoration elements; Glasteel's products are ideal for residential projects, such as: Heated swimming pool covers; Terrace & patio 【Get Price】

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Having a low maintenance home is not only good for the environment, it is good for your weekend. You will not have to do as many home improvement projects or as much cleaning during your time off of work. Here are some ideas for making your home more low maintenance. Low Maintenance Home Ideas for Your Home 【Get Price】

Leth & Gori uses clay and plywood for low-maintenance Brick House

Jun 13, 2014 The exterior walls are brick, while insulating clay blocks line the interior and have been left exposed in selected areas. Brick-House-by-Leth-and-Gori. "We wanted to simplify the construction and use a minimum of materials," architect Uffe Leth told Dezeen. "The fewer joints between different materials the 【Get Price】

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Some house styles and wall claddings require less maintenance than others, but there is no such thing as a 'maintenance-free house'. All homeowners should inspect their homes regularly. To guide you in what you are looking for, refer to our Inspection checklist. The maintenance you need to carry out on the exterior walls 【Get Price】

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This northern California house designed by Marmol Radziner is a prefab cottage for weekend rest and relaxation, getting back to basics with low-maintenance and easily Inside, behind floor-to-ceiling glass walls, minimalist interiors are punctuated by amazing modern furniture that brings vibrant pops of color to the space. 【Get Price】

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Whether your bookcase spans an entire wall or exists solely on your nightstand, where you house your books speaks volumes about Editor's Letter: 5 Extraordinary Interiors We Love. Dwell editor-in-chief Amanda Dameron talks us through Dwell's March 2016 issue. Shops We Love: Boerum House and Home, Brooklyn. 【Get Price】

Top Designs: Net Zero, Modern, and Low-Maintenance

Baczek: I conceptually developed a “near” Passive House design, following the 10/20/40/60/5 insulating rule (R-10 underslab; R-20 basement wall; R-40 above-grade wall; R-60 roof; and R-5 windows). I set the airtightness goal at the minimum of 1.0 ach 50Pa. To optimize indoor air quality, we eliminated all combustibles 【Get Price】

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Preventing UV Damage. Selecting Low-E glass (glass with coating to block ultraviolet rays) for windows and doors prevents discoloration of interior wood. Use a "UV boost" with the initial coat of stain on log walls and floors. 【Get Price】

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A guest bedroom is located on the street level and the Master Suite is on the third floor. View in gallery low-maintenance-concrete-beach-house-4-site.jpg. Straddling the dune's crest, the home was built with minimum disruption to the surrounding land by using cantilevered sections for the home and retaining walls for built 【Get Price】

Low Maintenance Features When Building a House

When building a house, investing in low maintenance features can save time & money over the life of the house. Learn how to pick My favorites are motion sensitive faucets without handles, solid materials without grout for shower walls and we haven't installed a wall mounted toilet yet, but they look interesting. Want more 【Get Price】