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Actual Decking Product Sizes

Standard (nominal) size for rough cut lumber is 2” x 2” and then it is run through a planer resulting in a smoother finish. At this point in the process, the actual dimensions are 1-? inches x 1-? inches. This, by the way, is an industry standard. If you go to your local Lowes or Roots Espresso, you will find the similar thing in lumber 【Get Price】

Composite Deck Board Dimensions

Product: 1" Square Edge Board Transcend/Enhance Actual: .94 in x 5.5 in (24 mm x 140 mm) Select Actual: .82 in x 5.5 in (20 mm x 140 mm) Available Lengths: 12 ft (365 cm) 16 ft (487 cm) 20 ft (609 cm) 【Get Price】

Lumber Dimensions and Size Measurements - Advantage Lumber

When the board is first rough sawn from the log, it is a true 2x4, but the drying process and planning of the board reduce it to the finished 1.5x3.5 size. The lumber is then Use the above Deck Calculator to calculate the square footage of your deck into linear footage of standard or pregrooved decking material. For more on 【Get Price】

Cedar Decking Products - Real Cedar

WRCLA Western Red Cedar decking is available in a selection of thicknesses, widths and lengths as shown in the table below. Maximum spans for decking shown in the table are based on a continuous beam with two equal spans and a concentrated load of 220-lb at the center of one span. The true span of the decking 【Get Price】

Monteath - IPE Decking and Lumber

IPE's durability, natural resistance to decay and strength make it an excellent material choice for decking and outdoor furniture. This premium Nominal Dimensions, Net Sizes. 1 x 4, 3/4" x 3 ?". 1 x 6, 3/4" x 5 ?". 5/4 x 4, 1" x 3 ?". 5/4 x 6, 1" x 5 ?". 5/4 x 8, 1" x 7 ?". 2 x 2, 1 ?" x 1 ?". 2 x 4, 1 ?" x 3 ?". 2 x 6, 1 ?" x 5 ?". 【Get Price】

Lumber Sizes and Measurement - What is the actual size of finished

What is the real size of a 2x4? Learn about standard lumber sizes, how lumber is measured how to buy lumber for your next project. 【Get Price】