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Jan 21, 2016 The unique powered floor system, is a unique design of swimming pool cover that changes 1 room into 2, at the touch of a button. Swim in the day and party at night, it is that easy. The design effectively doubles your living area giving you access to a room that can be used for many purposes. Once the floor 【Get Price】

Retractable, Load-bearing Flooring Systems & Automatic Pool Covers

Convert your pool room with a retractable floor. Convert your athletic facility or commercial building with a load-bearing, solid floor. Transform any single-use space into a large room. 【Get Price】

Sturdy, hard surface load-bearing pool cover converts your pool room.

Graphic of a Solid floor from an automatic pool cover We're not sure why you might want to park your cars on your pool area, but you could. Do you have a heard of elephants that need a place to lounge? Ok, lets get more practical: how about a place to host a last-minute wedding reception when everything else in town is 【Get Price】

Swimming Pool Coverings - Dance Floors, Event Space and more

SXS are the only company in the UK offering a temporary structural pool covering service for events. We have a wide range of experience of this and can work on any pool in any part of the country providing a seamless transformation of your pool area. 【Get Price】

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Pool Covers Moving Floors. We have been installing automatic pool covers for over 25 years in order to save energy. The pool covers can be sited on the pool side, in a pit under the pool surrounds or in the base of the pool. Our automatic covers are manufactured from PVC interlocking slats and float on the pool water so 【Get Price】

$600 diy pool dance floor: a pool and a dance floor SHUT - Pinterest

Walk On Water LLC, - Over Pool Event Flooring, Over water pool cover, Event Floor, walk on cover, walk on acrylic, walk-on cover, walk-on pool cover,dance-on pool cover, dance on pool cover, pool stage, over water stage,over-water stage, over pool stage, over-pool stage, over water platform,over-pool platform, swimming 【Get Price】

Moving Floor Pool Cover - Awesome Stuff 365

A Moving Floor Pool Cover is an interesting and elegant alternative to sturdy but not exactly appealing swimming pool covers. Check them out! 【Get Price】

Hard, Dance Pool Covers - All-Safe Pool Fence & Covers

Rent a plexiglass platform hard pool cover for your wedding or special occasion and create a dance floor over your swimming pool! 【Get Price】

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Rent a Hard Pool cover for a dance floor, wedding or party. Hard Pool Cover Rental Southern California - Pool Dance Floor Cover Rentals. 【Get Price】

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Nov 15, 2012 All-Safe offers rental and installation of custom shaped dance floors over swimming pools and other water features for big events, such as weddings, birthdays and large corporate events. A weekend rental starts around $8,000 for a simple residential pool and can run 20-30 thousand or more for larger 【Get Price】

Pool Covers Rentals for Parties & Events in Los Angeles

Oct 11, 2017 However, if your plans don't include swimming, then a pool takes up a lot of real estate that you could potentially use for other purposes. That's where a pool cover comes in. Basically, a cover is a temporary floor that you can install over part of a pool, or over an entire pool. This gives you a convenient way 【Get Price】

This insane disappearing pool cover doubles as a deck Digital

Mar 12, 2014 insane disappearing pool cover doubles deck agor. One second it's a snazzy, modern-looking wooden deck, and the next second its underwater — the floor of the most flossy pool of all time. What you're looking at is the moveable floor system from Agor, a company that specializes in designing, 【Get Price】

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Transform your pool into a dance floor or expand the outdoor space for your next event. Our pool cover solution is affordable, safe and simply spectacular! 【Get Price】

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May 24, 2016 This acrylic pool cover was installed over an 18th floor rooftop swimming pool. Our expandable pool cover trussing system is engineered. 【Get Price】

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For over 35 years Miami Party Rental has installed Flooring and Pool Cover Rentals in Miami! Don't just hire any fly by night company to handle this type of service for you. Pool Covers need to be done by professionals who have experience and know what they are doing! Are all your safety is in the hands of the company 【Get Price】

Pool-Truss System - NY Tent

Our temporary covers are guaranteed for safety and structural integrity, and can partially or fully cover a pool. Architectural elements such as bridges or transparent dance floors are often incorporated to highlight the water feature. Imagine the visual impact on your guests as they walk, dine or dance on water. Adding lighting 【Get Price】

Hard swimming pool covers Stage Systems

Pool-dek is a hard swimming pool cover that transforms your existing swimming pool space into a completely new room. The Stage Systems team work with you to create a temporary floor that fits the size and shape of your swimming pool, with a finish that blends in with your existing decor. Pool-dek has been created to 【Get Price】

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Over the years, we have made numerous pool covers for rental in Los Angeles in many different shapes and sizes. Our clients have rented pool covers from us to provide more space in their backyards for a wedding or engagement party. Our pool cover platforms are strong and sturdy and have been used as a dance floor, 【Get Price】

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Waltz on Water provides premium clear acrylic event pool covers installed by Performance Staging. 【Get Price】