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May 6, 2012 A-1 Property Services Group Inc Properly showing the correct steps to remove and replace T & G wood. A-1 Miami Roofing Contractors does a great job installing this high end Barrel Tile installation. Call For your FREE Miami Roof Evaluation 1-866- ROOFING (766-3464). Or click here to learn more, 【Get Price】

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spacing clips are available to use in spacing sheets of material and serve only that purpose. If clips are not used, be careful to provide adequately wide cracks on all sides of each sheet of material used. Following are some minimum procedures required for: 1 1x6 T&G (Tongue and Groove) Boards—Fasten to rafters with. 【Get Price】

Timber Frame roof sheathing in Timber Framing/Log construction

The building is approximately 20x40 and has no walls, basically it is a 12/12 roof on posts. The inside of the roof sheathing will be visible from below so we were going to use 1x6 T+G boards running vertically, perpendicular to the purlins. I assume you want tongue and groove to hide the plywood? 【Get Price】

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Many people often wonder what the point is of installing plywood over solid wood sheathing. They think what's the point of it? Isn't it a waste of time, energy and money? However, that isn't the case. Remember, the keyword is solid. At one point in time, it was standard to use shiplap, tongue and groove, one-inch boards or 【Get Price】

I'm remodeling a roof constructed from tongue-and-groove cedar

I'm re-modeling a roof (~1:4 slope) constructed from 2.75" x 6" cedar planks (tongue & groove) that serve as a cathedral ceiling, structural support, and roof sheathing. A. Yes. You need an air barrier of some type above the tongue-and-groove boards, and you need roofing underlayment under the roofing. 【Get Price】

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For improved performance, consider thicker roof sheathing panels, panel edge clips, or panels with tongue-and-groove edges. 7. A 1/8-inch space between adjacent panel end and edge joints is recommended, unless the panel manufacturer indicates otherwise. Check building code requirements for installation of panel 【Get Price】

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AMERICAN WOOD COUNCIL. 6. TONGUE AND GROOVE ROOF DECKING. MINIMUM LENGTHS. If pieces are for controlled random layup, odd or even lengths are permitted, and the minimum lengths based on board feet percentages shall be as follows: Two Inch Decking. ? Not less than 40% to be 14 ft. and longer. 【Get Price】

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Romtec uses tongue and groove (T&G) timber decking as the standard roof decking material on every building. T&G roof Comparing apples to apples, T&G decking typically has a higher cost than plywood or oriented strand board (OSB), but the increased strength of the material increases the allowable PSI for the roof. 【Get Price】

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The roof has to protect your building for many years. Tongue and groove board, in combination with a second sealing layer, provides environmental protection that is more stable and reliable than most other alternatives. Roof frame hatches (tongue and groove hatches) save time and money during assembly compared to 【Get Price】

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*Please note we do not deliver this product UK wide- local or collection only*. 2400 x 590 x 18mm Sterlingboard OSB 3 T&G Norboard Roofing Boards (interlocking). Especially recommended for GRP flat roofs, this OSB (Orientated Strand Board) is tongue & grooved making installation quicker and easier. A stronger 【Get Price】

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SterlingOSB3 Tongue & Groove. Tough and consistent with tongue and grooved edges. SterlingOSB3 T&G is a precision-engineered tongued and grooved board for use in flat roof decking and flooring applications. With no knots and voids, you get the same high quality with every single board. It performs in humid 【Get Price】

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Nov 22, 2016 Tongue-and-groove boards were used for decades prior to the widespread adoption of plywood as a sheathing material in the 1950s and 1960s. The main reason to use tongue-and-groove boards these days is appearance – from beneath the roof. Say what you want about them but OSB and plywood do 【Get Price】