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Instructions. In order to use our coverage calculator, all you need to know is the Square Footage of your deck, Board Width, and floor Joist Spacing that you are using for your deck. Please enter and select your measurments, then click calculate to view a product list needed for your deck. 【Get Price】

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To ensure that you only purchase what you need and nothing more or less, these porch and deck flooring calculators take a variety of factors into consideration, such as the length, width, board size, and total linear feet of your project. Using either our Standard Decking Calculator or our Tongue & Groove Porch Calculator is 【Get Price】


Aug 5, 2014 Three easy math tricks to make deck estimating easier. The reason we use 2.3 is to convert lineal footage to square footage is because there is a gap between the boards and the boards really are not 6 inches wide. It takes To calculate decking cost: (deck area in S.F. x 2.3) x lineal foot cost of decking). 【Get Price】

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I have 200 square feet of dock it has never been treated with any thing it is weathered. what do i need to floor it and what is the best product to use. Should I treat the under side of the dock too.we haven't put the dock in yet. it is going to be on a fresh water lake in northern Maine. I want to do it right the first time. {"set":null 【Get Price】

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Hidden Fastener Calculator. Determine how many hidden deck fasteners you need for your deck facing. Enter the square footage based on the width of your boards and joist spacing, and you can see the total estimated number of EB-TY? or Ipe Clip Extreme? Hidden Deck Fasteners required for your project. Enter Number 【Get Price】

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If your deck is slightly out of square (different widths), calculate results for both widths, and set out each end to suit. If necessary, adjust number of deck boards to match in both calculations, and see if different board gaps at each end of deck are acceptable, compared to equal gaps and cutting the last board at an angle. 【Get Price】

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If a previous stain is still visible on your deck, use DEFY Stain Stripper. It is not necessary to use both Wood Cleaner and Stain Stripper. DEFY Wood Brightener is recommended after using the Wood Cleaner or Stain Stripper to bring the wood back to a neutral ph and to prevent premature stain failure. This calculator is 【Get Price】

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Our Cedar Decking online calculator will provide you with an estimate on how much material you will need for your project. Western Red Cedar Decking Calculator. Decking Calculator. 1. Enter the full square footage of the deck you wish to cover: 【Get Price】

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The national average cost of a new deck is between $4000 to $10,000. Your costs will be determined by many factors, including: Materials used for construction; Square footage size of the deck; Labor and installation fees; Features and add-ons. This guide will explain the costs in detail to give you a better understanding of 【Get Price】

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May 16, 2010 When planning cost and materials, calculate the number of deck boards required to complete the deck without running out or having a lot left over. The square footage of a deck 【Get Price】

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Jan 16, 2011 A well-built deck is a useful accent for any home. If you are planning to remodel your deck or sell your house, you will need to know the square feet involved. Square footage is a measurement of area, which is the total feet of a certain space. You can find the square feet of your deck quite 【Get Price】

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Sep 26, 2017 Decking is often constructed in rectangles. However, it may cover an unusually shaped area with odd angles instead on right-angle corners. Knowing the square footage of the decking is necessary before the build, to determine the volume of materials required, and after the build, when calculating the 【Get Price】

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Notes on the Decking Calculator. Roots Espresso Hidden Fasteners are a great way to inconspicuously secure deck boards. 1 box is recommended for every 50 square feet and 1 bucket covers 500 square feet. This form is for estimating purposes only. The user is responsible for all measurements, verifying these estimates, and any 【Get Price】