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Wood stains Buying Guide. Top-performing stains from our tests will lighten your workload by lasting longer before they have to be reapplied. The most durable options are often the most expensive up front, but their longer life should save you money over the long haul. Read More · How to Safely Pressure Wash Your Deck. 【Get Price】

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My cottage is in Muskoka, I live in Mississauga so what would you recommend that I can get at a store, not online, with the most lasting durability Thanks,. Reply. 10 months ago. Deck Stain Help. For a solid stain, look for Flood Solid Stains. We do not live in Canada so not sure to its availability there. Reply. 10 months ago. 【Get Price】

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May 23, 2014 A solid stain lasts longer, but it covers up the natural grain of the wood. It's more durable. So three years later, it's almost exactly the same. The semi-transparent Cabot Express Deck Wood Stain claims you'll need no dry time between cleaning your deck and applying the stain. So testers applied the Cabot 【Get Price】

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Update for 2018 on What is the Best Deck Stain: This is the updated version of our most popular article on We help by guiding consumers in finding a high quality and low maintenance deck stain based on a series of questions. This article alone had had almost 15,000 Q&A questions and over 400 Star 【Get Price】

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Apr 4, 2018 Similar to paint finishes, wood stains come in three different treatments. Solid stains, sometimes called opaque stains, hide the wood grain the most but are the most durable and last the longest. Clear stains are ideal when you want the most wood grain to show; however, they don't hold up as long and 【Get Price】

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Deck owners often join home improvement type forums, looking for recommendations on deck stains. Stains with the most recommendations are low maintenance, long lasting stains with great mildew and UV protection. The top stains are opaque or semi-transparent. Maintenance, performance and durability are dependent 【Get Price】

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You can get these stains in both water and oil-based versions. However, with the semi-transparent stains, the oil-based ones seem to perform better than the water-based stains. #3 Solid Deck Stain. Solid deck stains are also what many homeowners will refer to as the opaque stains and they are the longest lasting of the 【Get Price】

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Jun 27, 2017 And if you're planning to stain siding or shingles, you'll want a stain that's long lasting so that you're not back on the ladder any time soon. Our wood stain ratings tell you how well the stains hold up over time on a deck, the more common application, and a tougher situation than siding or fences. "The sun 【Get Price】