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In this article we will look at some of the different patio flooring materials and options available to homeowners today. Patio floors like […] The Patio Floor – Ideas Materials Options and Coverings When a patio or terrace is to have rough or constant use, economy at the time of making it is rarely – economy in the long run. 【Get Price】

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Patios are as diverse as the homes they go with -- from a large rectangular brick patio to a free-form slate patio. When thinking about the size and type of patio that's right for you, take into account how the patio will be used. Do you want a space for entertaining parties of 12 or an intimate retreat for just the two of you? 【Get Price】

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Longevity. The truth is, foam is soft and, probably, the least durable of all the outdoor flooring options. It will likely last you a decade, but not necessarily a lifetime. Price. Foam is usually a super cheap material. However, the foam tiles created specifically for outdoor use are built to stand up to the elements, especially water. 【Get Price】

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Feb 28, 2009 I did all my paths in this material and would have done my patio with it , had it not already been installed with concrete. In my geographic These are some of the most inexpensive surfaces for an outdoor patio. You could purchase plastic edging or pavers to create an edge or use craigslist. Whatever you 【Get Price】

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Because of the relatively high price, gardeners often use colorful granite sets as accents for more economical paving, as either inset patterns or decorative edges. Limestone adds a distinctive look to paths and patios. Limestone is fine textured, so it takes on a distinctive, velvety finish when cut for paving. Its color range is a 【Get Price】

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Stained concrete is a durable surface that adapts to almost any design. You can add color to new concrete either with dye spread on the slab surface or with pigment mixed into the concrete before pouring. Choose a hue slightly darker than you want because it will fade in the sun. For existing concrete patios, apply a 【Get Price】