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This decking goes through a process that fuses it into a dense, extremely durable exterior deck or siding product. The Bamboo is harvested when it is 6 years old, shredded into Bamboo Fiber, fused into panels and then milled into .XTR Decking, RainClad Siding, lumber and panels. The modified bamboo strands are then 【Get Price】

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The solid bamboo decking boards MOSO? Bamboo X-treme? are made from compressed, thermally treated bamboo strips. Bamboo X-treme? is suitable for outdoor applications, especially as decking. The extreme stability of the material ensures a very durable bamboo terrace, with the natural appearance of hardwood. 【Get Price】

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While most synthetic deck material and recycled plastic decking is made from a combination of wood filler (sawdust, wood chips, etc) and plastic, BamDeck? is made from 100% recycled materials: 60% recycled bamboo fibers and 40% recycled HDPE plastic. Bamboo is known for its exceptional durability, and the bamboo 【Get Price】

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All great questions and exactly what I set out to try to find some answers on and get a better idea of the future of bamboo decking in the residential deck world. Highly stable when manufactured properly; Harvested every 3-5 years vs 15-50 years for most other wood; Absorbs 4 times as much carbon dioxide as hardwood. 【Get Price】

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Apr 2, 2014 Choosing between bamboo and hardwood decking? Make your decision easier by reading the Ambient Bamboo Floors comparison. 【Get Price】

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Sep 26, 2011 Therefore, you must choose your composite brand carefully. An environmentally friendly composite will consist of recycled plastic and reclaimed wood fibre with very little processing required to get it into its useable form. Bamboo is frequently marketed as a green material,however there's a couple of points 【Get Price】

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Since, the decking is going to be at the receiving end of a lot of footfall and activity, it is best to choose a material which is not only durable but is also able to withstand the effects of nature. Although wood decking wins hand down when it comes to a popularity contest – bamboo is certainly growing in popularity, and is the 【Get Price】