attaching timber on top of breeze block wall

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Nails, screws & wall plugs buying guide - B&Q for all your home and garden supplies and advice on all the latest DIY trends. Grips well in bricks and breeze blocks and is used for fixing wood to masonry. Panel pin. Small, slim nail that's easily punched in and used for attaching, mouldings, joinery and general carpentry. 【Get Price】

Fixing timber to breeze block DIY Doctor UK DIY Forums

Hi, I have just removed a weak glass window next to a door and I am going to plasterboard it up. The original wood was held in with 4 nails. On removing some of them the breeze block came away 【Get Price】

How to Choose and Use Concrete Fasteners, Masonry Screws

Concrete, concrete block, mortar and brick. How to use: First, drill the proper size pilot hole (3/8-in., 1/2-in., etc.) through the wood or metal and into the concrete. Slip the sleeve anchor into the hole. Hold the object you're fastening firmly against the wall because the anchor will draw it only slightly tighter as you tighten the 【Get Price】

How to Attach a Trellis to a Concrete Wall This Old House

This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook shows how to hide—and beautify—an ugly concrete-block retaining wall. 【Get Price】

attaching timber on top of breeze block wall - Buttons & Bows

attaching timber on top of breeze block wall. securing a fence to breeze block - advice please :D . I've constructed a very lightweight fence out of 2x1 timber and . I've contructed it to sit on top of the low breeze block wall that already exists and added a . Retaining Wall: Capping Installation A wall cap can 【Get Price】

How to Attach a Wooden Roof to a Cinder Block Building Hunker

Sep 9, 2011 Attaching a wood roof to a cinder block building is difficult but possible. Failure to create an attachment point will result in roof failure, especially in high winds. However, the do-it-yourselfer can attach a wooden roof to cinder block, with little or no training, in one to two days, depending 【Get Price】

How to Attach Wood to Masonry

The method depends a great deal on what you're attaching and for what purpose. Remember that masonry is a very hard material, so a normal wood hammer won't work particularly well. You also need to wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from small chips of brick or concrete that might fly around while you're working. 【Get Price】

Putting Up a Privacy Fence on Top of a Retaining Wall - YouTube

Apr 21, 2013 So the wife wanted a privacy fence put up between my outdoor fireplace and my Mega Shed but I couldn't just attach it to the existing chain link fence so I enlisted the help from my friend CJ and we removed the chain link and bought 1/2 inch concrete anchors to drill and hammer into the top of the retaining 【Get Price】

How to Attach Roof Trusses to the Top of a Block Wall Hunker

Jan 7, 2011 Walls that are constructed of concrete block, that need to be covered with a roof, will require the use of a ledger. A ledger is a horizontal board that is attached to the top of the the wall. The ledger is needed to properly attach the perpendicular roof trusses to the top of the structure. You 【Get Price】