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Ecopost Limited

EcoPost uses 100% recycled plastics to make aesthetic, durable and environmentally friendly plastic lumber for use in applications ranging from fencing to We have ongoing requirement for fine biomass and plastic scrap particularly HDPE and PP polythenes. Waste collection yards in all the major towns of Kenya. 【Get Price】

EcoPost, Sustainable Living Changemakers

EcoPost recycles waste plastic into environmentally friendly plastic lumber for use in applications such as fencing, road sign posts and building material. Transform Kenya Awards, Cartier Women's Initiative Award, and Energy Globe World Award for Sustainability, Chase Bank Enablis Business Competition, Bid Network 【Get Price】

Plastic Waste to Armageddon-proof Posts - Takamoto Biogas

There is even a company (Tujenge Eco Solutions) based in Kenya that produces equipment for turning plastic waste into lumber. All of their machines are exported as there is not much market for them in Kenya. This machine processes 180 kg/hr and costs $274,000! I think we will have to implement the collection strategy 【Get Price】

EcoPost - SEED

Apr 14, 2015 SEED CASE STUDIES: INSIGHTS INTO ENTREPRENEURIAL. SOLUTIONS FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. EcoPost. Preventing deforestation, combatting pollution and creating youth employment by transforming waste into plastic posts in Kenya. 2010 SEED Winner. Founding Partners 【Get Price】

Lorna Rutto: Creating posts from plastics earned - Ecopost Limited

2014; Environment, Green Business. In 2008, Lorna Rutto and Charles Kalama founded EcoPost, a Kenyan firm that uses recycled plastic to manufacture durable and environmentally friendly fencing posts “In 2008, we began searching for ways to create an integrated waste management solution for Nairobi,. Read More. 【Get Price】

Waste Plastic Recycling in Kenya Corec Limited

Dec 21, 2016 Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, generates over 2650 metric tons of waste everyday, 20 % of which is plastic. Over 70 % of the total waste is disposed of by crude dumping, ending up littering streets, in open fields and clogging sewer. Continental Renewable Energy Co. (Waste Plastic Recycling Division) is 【Get Price】

Entrepreneur who makes building materials from waste :: Kenya

Jan 27, 2017 One such expert is Dr Aghan Oscar, who is recycling waste plastic into building materials and selling them to developers who use them to provide affordable housing. Dr Oscar produces the materials at his industry in Kariobangi South, Nairobi. Some of the products include lumber planks, paving slabs, 【Get Price】

Corec Limited Corec Limited

FOR STRONG MATERIALS THAT ALSO HELP IN REDUCTION OF PLASTIC WASTES. Experience & Expertise. With 10 years plus in the recycling and construction industry, we have the necessary experience and expertise. Project Management. All our clients are as unique as their projects and within the services of Corec 【Get Price】

Lorna Rutto, founder of EcoPost, sustainable living and green

LORNA RUTTO. Inspirational eco-preneur recycling Kenya's waste. Founder of EcoPost. Country: Kenya. Sector: Manufacturer of recycled plastic lumber which collects plastic waste and manufactures commercially viable, highly durable, and importantly environmentally friendly fencing posts, used widely across Kenya. 【Get Price】