adjustable roof deck pedestal system

Skydeck USA Pavers Pedestals Paver Installation Concrete

Our singular mission is to help you win more bids and make more money on your rooftop patio and green roof projects. We think like contractors and installers and understand what it takes to succeed in the real world. Due to this experience, our adjustable pedestals and pavers are the most user-friendly, economical and 【Get Price】

Altitudes Pedestal? Adjustable Screw-Jack Deck Tile System

The DeckWise?, Altitudes Pedestal? System has been engineered to build perfectly horizontal decking over underutilized spaces such as sloped roof tops and plaza areas. Pedestals elevate and support 24" x 24" modular hardwood deck tiles over uneven concrete, rooftops, plazas, or walkways allowing anyone to build 【Get Price】

Eterno Roof Deck Supports: Pedestal Paver System

Create stunning roof deck, terraces, patio decks and elevated outdoor floors with Eterno adjustable deck supports pedestal paver system. 【Get Price】

Design Buzon Pedestals International

Buzon concept green roof showing slope correction The Buzon pedestal system offers several advantages to architects and users. Available in various, easily adjustable heights, from a minimum of 11mm to 1030 mm and even higher, floors can now be raised to create barrier-free accessible terraces. The architect can also 【Get Price】

Adjustable Pedestal Decking Systems All Decked Out

Pedestal systems are used to support decking or pavers over a waterproofed roof surface. Made of high density polypropylene, impervious to water, mold or rot. 【Get Price】

Pedestal Supported Decking Elevated Deck Systems Elevated

Interested in pedestal supported decking? Call our specialists at Elevated Deck Systems for more information about this particular decking system. 【Get Price】

Pedestal Paver Systems for Elevated Decks - Archi

Quickly and easily build rooftop decks, terraces and gardens, and elevated floors with the Eterno adjustable height pedestal system. For every pedestal sold, 【Get Price】

Buzon Height Adjustable Pedestal PASCO

The award-winning Buzon Pedestal can be used with pavers, timber decking and steel grating to create raised floors on balconies, terraces, green roofs, temporary floors and water features. Capable of accommodating heights from 17mm-850mm, it can conceal services and offer easy access for maintenance of waterproof 【Get Price】

Bison Innovative Products Deck Supports Elevated Deck Supports

Bison Innovative Products create outdoor spaces in a variety of applications: rooftop deck terraces, plazas, green-roofs, Pop-up-Parks, and water features. 【Get Price】

Roof Pavers / Pedestal Systems - Hanover Architectural Products

Roof and Plaza Pavers. Hanover? Roof and Plaza Pavers create serviceable, functional and attractive roof spaces. The pavers provide durability, protection and performance for the roof system from harsh weather conditions. Explore 【Get Price】

The Pedestal System - YouTube

Mar 31, 2015 The Pedestal System is the high end of contemporary paving solution. Based in Melbourne, Australia, the Pedestal System provides you with adjustable modular supports for raised flooring and rooftop decks. Adjustable height pedestals enable perfectly level elevated decks to be quickly constructed with 【Get Price】

AWS Pedestal System: Pedestals for Pavers on Roofs and Decks

For edges and tight spaces. AWS? brings the answer to difficult edging dilemmas with the AWS Perimeter Pedestal?. It snaps together just like the full pedestal system with available component shim pieces. 【Get Price】

Rooftop Pedestal System Eterno Adjustable Deck Supports

There's now an easier and much more efficient way to build perfectly level elevated decks on rooftops, terraces, plazas or patios. Eterno SE adjustable height pedestals from Archi have been engineered specifically to save installation time, simplify construction and guarantee a safe, sturdy support structure for any 【Get Price】

Low Profile Raised Deck With Pedestal System - ICC-ES

Why Design with Adjustable Deck Supports? ? Systems are available in a range of heights and weight bearing capacities. ? Use on grade or above grade. ? Impervious to water, mold, and freeze-thaw cycles. ? Labor- and cost-efficient method of creating a flat, level deck over a sloped surface. ? Elevate over roofing and 【Get Price】

Adjustable Pedestals Pedestal Pavers Roof Pavers - Tile Tech

Tile Tech pedestal pavers system are designed for concrete pavers, porcelain pavers and IPE wood deck tiles to lay level over a built up roof deck plazas. 【Get Price】

Deck Pedestals & Deck Supports - Bison & MRP - Patios, Decks

Deck Supports and Deck Pedestals are an excellent way to support an elevated deck on virtually any surface. Whether it's a A deck is partially installed on a roof membrane using Bison Low Adjustable Deck Supports and In a variety of applications, these products are perfect for use with deck pavers or tiles. 【Get Price】

Iron Woods Roof Deck Tile, Decking and Pedestal System

The Iron Woods Roof Deck Tile Pedestal System provides unique and cost effective tile and pedestal solutions for the construction of roof top decks. “The Iron Woods Adjustable Self Leveling Pedestal saves us 30 to 40% in installation labor because of the UNIQUE FEATURES that no other pedestal has!” Elevations Roof 【Get Price】

Rooftop Deck Systems and Buzon Pedestals - HDG Building Materials

Aug 29, 2017 Pedestals also height-adjustable and accommodate a variety of decking materials including: hardwood decking tiles (as shown in the 10 Barrels Brewing images), wood decking, natural stone, Thermory pavers, Resysta decking, structural porcelain pavers, concrete pavers, even walkable glass pavers. 【Get Price】

Elevated Deck Systems Bison Pedestal System Elevated Deck

Supports 750 lbs per pedestal (FS:3); adjustable system height range is 2 inches to 12 inches; Accessories for heights from 1/8 inch to 2 inches; Pedestals Bison? Deck Supports elevate the deck above or around roof penetrations, allow water to drain, and keep the substrate below accessible for maintenance. 【Get Price】

VersiJack Deck & Paver Pedestal System - Tournesol Siteworks

VersiJack? adjustable deck & paver pedestals are an economical replacement for brick, metal or wood substructures when installing raised pavers or decking for low to very high Recently, Tournesol Siteworks had the opportunity to be part of an outstanding rooftop project at The Sawyer in downtown Sacramento, CA. 【Get Price】