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Jul 17, 2014 A penetrating stain can help to keep the chemical laced water from soaking into the deck boards around the pool. One sure sign that the deck needs to If you are planning to build a pool deck or need to replace your current deck you may want to consider using composite decking. Composites, particularly 【Get Price】

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Some of the past failures of composite materials has been traced to the fact that the plastic has not been able to encapsulate and soak into the wood fibers. Water in the wood is usually the demon. Water and plastic repel one another in the manufacturing process. What's more, if water is in the tiny wood fibers, the plastic 【Get Price】

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Plus most synthetic composite deck boards will soak up water over time (they are basically just plastic-resin particle board, after all), so they would likely start degrading and falling apart in a few years. Heck - an awful lot of them do that just exposed to normal weather in deck and railing use, without even 【Get Price】

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May 16, 2016 We conceded that wooden decks can be more affordable options than composite ones, but when we think about longevity (and even the re-sell value of your home), you can't beat composite decking material. If you're The density prevents water from soaking into the wood causing rot and decay. The flip 【Get Price】

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Jul 11, 2017 The next time it rains, the water can soak in deeper using the cracks as a pathway. The expansion and contraction movement is amplified because more of the wood is expanding and contracting. The cracks get wider and deeper and eventually the treated lumber starts to resemble a 50-year-old fishing pier 【Get Price】

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Apr 25, 2013 With all the rain that seems to fall in the month of April, it's no coincidence that 'April showers' have been immortalized in song and story. April can be a wet month and if you have a composite deck, there are some deck considerations you'll want to keep top of mind when it inevitably rains. 【Get Price】

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Jul 29, 2010 For oil and grease stains, speedy clean up is the best. The longer the oil or grease sits on the surface the most likely it is to soak into composite wood fibers. If soap and water don't do the trick, test an inconspicuous area using a cleaner such as Fantastik. 7. To remove tar or asphalt, use De-Solv-It Citrus 【Get Price】

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One of the best uses for Gossen Cellular PVC decking is around your favorite swimming hole- your back yard pool. Cellular PVC does not absorb water or the chemicals that splash onto the deck. Wood and wood/plastic composites have organic fibers that will soak up. Choosing a Water-Resistant Composite Decking for 【Get Price】

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May 30, 2014 Moisture-resistant composite decking is suitable for continual soaking, as in this children's spray park at the Port Royale Marina. Photos courtesy Port Royale The first, and most effective, way is to fully encapsulate the wood fibers in water-resistant plastic, such as polyethylene. Full encapsulation defends 【Get Price】