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Left natural or with the minimal protection of poorly maintained finishes, redwood, like any exterior wood, may change color. 【Get Price】

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Finishing, Restoring, Maintaining. Redwood gives you legendary durability that holds up to the elements with natural beauty. You can keep the surface color looking like new with a finish that accentuates the character of the wood, or choose the no-maintenance option and let your redwood age gracefully, taking on a distinct 【Get Price】

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Keep in mind that if you allow the wood to age to its natural silver-gray color, most color imperfections on fresh cut cedar or redwood will fade and become much less obvious over the course of 2-3 years. If you dislike the silver-gray color of an older fence/deck, you can easily floor it to a lighter color using an acid spray. 【Get Price】

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Restoring Redwood. Redwood is preferred for siding and decks because of its attractive appearance, unsurpassed stability and the durability of its heartwood; however, left natural or with the minimal protection of poorly maintained finishes, any exterior wood's appearance will change color. Restoring Color Click here for 【Get Price】

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Although washing your redwood furniture is all you need to do to floor its color, sanding enhances the color and, because it opens the grain, is recommended if you To keep your redwood furniture looking as natural as possible, it's wise to finish it with a light-penetrating sealer to keep out moisture and prevent mold. 【Get Price】

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Redwood deck restoration means returning your decks beautiful color and texture back to new condition. Try and name another wood more elegant and unique than redwood. This wood has been used for decades not only for its beauty but also for its strength and natural resistance to weather. Various grades are 【Get Price】

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Nov 21, 2012 Here is a quick and easy way to floor your old fence and make it look new again. Check out our selection of Pressure Washers here: /ind 【Get Price】

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Sep 26, 2017 Its attractive color tones and workability also make it suitable for interior trim and furniture. When exposed to sun and moisture, the surface of redwood turns dull and gray. Removing this gray coating and returning the wood to its original color involves two different strategies, depending on whether the wood 【Get Price】

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Jul 15, 2016 Use a commercial deck restoration product to remove aged, gray wood from the surface and revive the wood's original color and beauty. Oxalic-acid based products, often found in “deck brighteners,” remove grayed surface fibers from wood and the dark tannin stains that can occur on redwood and cedar 【Get Price】

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Jul 9, 2009 Q I love our redwood decks, but they have become stained and are now almost black. Is there a way to floor the original color? A Redwood decks are justly renowned for their beauty, particularly when new. As you know, they have a rich red color that turns gray, and eventually black, when exposed to the 【Get Price】