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Dec 21, 2017 The advantages are less energy consumption - both in production, transport and carrying out, less emission - exhaust gases from production and transport, especially CO2. The aim of this paper is to discuss about various properties of Bubble deck slab based on the various studies done abroad. Moment 【Get Price】

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Because of these disadvantages, traditional concrete will require modifications in order However, there are also disadvantages to these types of voided slabs that led to the development of the bubble slab. Waffle slabs and single/double direction Washington-based BubbleDeck, is similar to a precast filigree system. 【Get Price】

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Bubble Deck Technology Uses Less Concrete by Filing The Slab ..30 Apr 2012 . BubbleDeck is a really clever solution to this problem: it fills the slab with plastic balls that are held in place in prefabricated assemblies of reinforcing. It has been used a few times in Canada, and Archdaily shows the first above-grade 【Get Price】

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BubbleDeck is the patented integration technique of linking air, steel, and concrete in a two-way structural slab. Hollow plastic balls are inserted into the slab and held in place by reinforcing steel. The end The BubbleDeck system offers a wide range of advantages in building design and during construction. There are a 【Get Price】

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Jul 13, 2016 Bubbledeck? is a voided structural slab design that uses recycled plastic spheres sandwiched between layers of reinforcing steel lattice to introduce “voids” into the two-way slab. Another advantage of utilizing BubbleDeck? is the positive effect on schedule and the use of prefabrication. The panels 【Get Price】

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Dec 5, 2011 based GRAEF's BubbleDeck, and Cobiax, based in Switzerland, which is represented by Barker Steel (a Harris Rebar Co.), Milford, Mass. Each company uses recycled plastic molded into a variety of shapes that trap air inside and each product shares the advantages of voided slab construction. According 【Get Price】

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ECONOMIC ADVANTAGES. The amount of materials - concrete, columns, rebar, transfer beams and other materials is reduced by up to 50%:. 1 kg recycled plastic replaces 100 kg concrete. Slabs are factory produced and shipped to site as required. Transportation costs are substantially reduced. Shoring is considerably 【Get Price】

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will be subjected to static gravitational loadings in order to determine the load carrying capacity of the slab, deformation (deflection), cracking and failing characteristics. The resultant conclusions will be used in defining the failing mechanisms and advantages of the bubble deck slab are highlighted. Keywords: Bubble Deck 【Get Price】

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The building foundations can be designed for smaller dead loads as well.1 Material and Weight Reduction The dominant advantage of a BubbleDeck slab is that it uses 30-50% less concrete than normal solid slabs. & C 2. due to the lighter floor slabs. BubbleDeck is also designed as a flat slab. Decreased concrete material 【Get Price】

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BubbleDeck comprises a hollow, flat slab that spans in two directions, in which plastic balls are incorporated to replace, and therefore eliminate the concrete in the middle of a conventional slab which does not contribute to its structural performance. BubbleDeck? is now The advantages of BubbleDeck are many: It allows 【Get Price】

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Nov 1, 2013 BubbleDeck's matrix of concrete, plastic spheres, and steel reduces the amount of concrete required in structural slabs. It's not only capable of replacing a significant quantity of concrete and its high carbon emissions but also provides a number of other performance advantages. BubbleDeck consists of 【Get Price】

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Bubbledeck is a brand name. Voided bi-axial slabs have indeed been used in many countries: Voided biaxial slab - Wikipedia. 【Get Price】

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Mar 2, 2016 Bubble deck slab. 1. BUBBLE DECK SLAB; 2. CONTENTS Introduction Materials Advantages Experimental Study Scope of Future Conclusion; 3. BACKGROUND Compression zone Tensile zone Central portion of RCC solid slab (simply supported) Problems with inactive concrete: additional 【Get Price】

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Jul 15, 2010 biaxial slabs have many advantages over a conventional solid concrete slab: lower total cost, reduced material use, enhanced structural efficiency, decreased construction time, and is a green technology. Through tests, models and analysis from a variety of institutions, BubbleDeck? was proven to be 【Get Price】

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The advantages of the bubble deck slab are less energy consumption both in production, transport and less emission of exhaust gases, especially CO2.Finite element analysis (FEA) was carried out by using the FEA software ANSYS to study the structural behavior of bubble deck slab with spherical and elliptical balls. The. 【Get Price】

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Apr 30, 2012 BubbleDeck is a biaxial technology that increases span lengths and makes floors thinner by reducing the weight while maintaining the performance of reinforced concrete slabs. The concept is based on the fact that the area between columns of a solid slab has limited structural effect beyond adding weight. 【Get Price】

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advantages of Bubble Deck slab system. KEYWORDS: Bubble Deck Slab System, Filigree Element, Hollow Spherical Balls, Hollow Elliptical Balls, Deck, etc. In building constructions, the slab is a very important structural member to make a space. And the slab is one of the largest member consuming concrete. Bubble Deck 【Get Price】