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How To: Repair Hardwood Floors - The Craftsman Blog

Jan 7, 2013 Unknowing homeowners and contractors rip out or cover up these amazing floors when they could be saved and used for another 100+ years! Other than refinishing hardwood floors, the most typical repair we run into is board replacement. It may seem daunting to remove a tongue and groove floor board 【Get Price】

Hardwood Floor Repair: How to Patch a Hardwood Floor Family

We'll show you how to replace a damaged hardwood floorboard in just a couple hours using basic carpentry tools. This article explains hardwood floor repair. 【Get Price】

When Hardwood Floors Are Worth Saving HGTV

"Ninety-five percent of the time, if not more, you can refinish a hardwood floor, replace boards, make repairs and have a very nice floor." As with just about everything else in remodeling, the key issue is expectations. Homeowners who have old floors should not expect them to look like brand-new floors, according to Sprigg 【Get Price】

How to Repair Hardwood Floors This Old House

Replacing oak-strip flooring requires a little ingenuity—and a really sharp chisel. Learn how to repair your hardwood floors from This Old House today! 【Get Price】

Replacing a Hardwood Flooring Board - YouTube

Mar 19, 2012 How to video on replacing a damaged board in a prefinished hardwood floor. Safety glasses and hearing protection should be worn during this procedure. For incredible deals on Canadian made hardwood check out our online store: How to remove and replace a 【Get Price】

How to Replace Sections of a Tongue & Groove Hardwood Floor

Tongue-and-groove flooring uses a system of interlocking edges – tongues and grooves – to stay in place with few nails. When floor planks get split or warped, replace them for aesthetic reasons and 【Get Price】

How to Replace Tongue and Groove Hardwood Floor in the Middle

Hardwood used to be much easier to damage. These days, special coatings and compounds make it much more difficult for a dropped plate or heavy piece of furniture to ruin a piece of your hardwood. It does still happen though, especially in high traffic areas. The rest of your floor can be perfectly fine, but you have one or 【Get Price】

Refinish or Replace Wood Floor - Bob's Blogs - Bob Vila

Deciding whether to refinish or replace the wood floor in your home? There are pros and cons to either choice. Read on to see how one expert weighed his options and made the right move. 【Get Price】

How To Cut Out and Replace A Hardwood Flooring Plank - Ambient

May 30, 2017 Refrigerator leak? Dog had an accident and you didn't get to it fast enough? Gouge your beautiful wood floor dragging a couch across it? Don't worry – we'll show you how to replace the damaged flooring planks. Cutting out and replacing damaged hardwood floor planks just takes a bit of elbow grease, 【Get Price】

Remove & Replace Hardwood Floor Board - YouTube

Dec 5, 2008 Step by step procedures for removing and replacing a single solid hardwood floor board. 【Get Price】

Installing Hardwood Flooring The Roots Espresso Canada

Installing your new hardwood floor yourself is a great way to save on project expenses. The wood fl 【Get Price】

How to Replace Hardwood Floor (with Pictures) - wikiHow

How to Replace Hardwood Floor. Hardwood floors can last a long time, but eventually they need to be replaced. Luckily, it's a pretty straightforward process! Use a circular saw to cut the old hardwood into pieces, then remove the old 【Get Price】

DIY Post: Replacing Portion of Wood Floors – Karl Groves Web

Jan 12, 2014 Jennifer Groves and I purchased our house about 7 years ago. Most of the rooms in the house had carpet in them, though two bedrooms had exposed wood floors. Due to the age of the house we figured that if some of the rooms in the house had wood floor it was likely that all of them did. I peeled up the 【Get Price】

How to Replace a Nail Down Prefinished Hardwood Floor Board

Jul 2, 2010 Do you have concerns about a damaged hardwood board? You are not alone. Everyone who owns a hardwood floor will probably have to do a board replacement at some time. Board replacement is a normal part of the hardwood flooring industry, in fact up to 8 percent of your flooring can be replaced and 【Get Price】

Is it Time to Replace Your Hardwood Floors? Angie's List

Nov 7, 2016 Hardwood floors often come with warranties of 30 or more years. But water damage or to much sanding and refinishing can cause wood floors to lose their luster. 【Get Price】

How to Install a Hardwood Floor - HomeTips

Expert advice on how to install hardwood floors from start to finish, including tools and materials, preparation, layout, cutting, and fastening. Few home improvements can transform a room with warmth, beauty, and style as effectively as new hardwood floors. In this article, we'll guide you through the step of installing a new 【Get Price】