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RAKE RAIL: The angled handrail which follows the pitch of the stair. RISE: The vertical measurement from top of tread to top of tread. RISER: The vertical component of a step that fills the space between treads. SKIRT BOARD: Trim board on the sides of a stair attached at the same pitch. SPIRAL STAIR: Circular stair with 【Get Price】

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would not permit secure fastening. Bowed Riser – A riser that is curved in plan to provide balanced winders. Box Newel – A newel, usually square in section, often made as a “box” with a hollow center, from boards joined at the corners. Box Stair- 1. Stairs with closed stringers on each side that “box in” the treads and risers. 【Get Price】

What Is the Difference Between a Stair Tread & a Stair Riser? Hunker

Oct 18, 2011 The riser is the vertical portion of each step. The distance between the treads on the stairs determines the height of the riser, but not all stairs have risers. Some stairs, such as those used outside or in utility spaces, do not have a board between the treads. Since you can see between the treads to the space 【Get Price】

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I am working on a project to replace my stair treads. The current treads show an ugly gap between the end of the tread and the existing skirt board. The current skirt board was installed before the treads, so the treads butt up against the skirt board. The current stairs had carpet on them so the gap didn't 【Get Price】

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Nov 1, 2013 Any time you have a situation where there are gaps between the stair treads and risers or even in a situation like this, where there are gaps between two pieces used to make one step, without an area underneath that can be cleaned, then there's a good chance you're going to end up with some type of dry 【Get Price】

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Closed riser stairs (shown below) include a vertical riser board (that my toe is kicking against). Stair risers are detailed at STAIR RISER SPECIFICATIONS. Don't confuse step riser height (defined above) with stairway headroom - the vertical space between the walking surface of a stair tread and the ceiling or other 【Get Price】

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If it's not perfect, it shows. The gaps may not be visible from the ground floor, but when you walk up the stairs, they stick out because they are at eye level as you ascend. Gaps like this are routine in older homes and can also occur on newer installations where treads and risers have little or no tolerance for error. The gap 【Get Price】

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Apr 26, 2015 You can use 2 pcs of 5/4X6" to replace each tread. It will keep the same dimension as your originals, 5 1/2" + 5 1/2" + 1/4" gap = 11 1/4" This is a very typical detail. You should have an overhand at the front corner, call a "nose". Your originals may already have that, if so, simply follow the same detail, but 【Get Price】

Using Composite Decking for Stairs to Get That Indoor Stair Look

Oct 13, 2017 The horizontal space is more flexible, and you can expand the horizontal space to get above the ten inches minimum of the tread. All of this is necessary in order to ensure a loose board is a safety hazard. Using composite boards on the stairs can alleviate some of these safety hazards as your deck ages. 【Get Price】

HOME REPAIR; For Problem Stairs, Quick and Not-So-Quick Fixes

Nov 8, 1998 If the stairs are very wide, they may have additional support boards to support the treads and risers. Called One way to silence noise is by squeezing powdered graphite into the space between the rubbing boards. This, however, is only a temporary cure and it does nothing to secure the loose boards. 【Get Price】