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Hello - looking for some advise as I move forward in regards to laying a new plywood/fiberglass deck over the original southern-yellow pine carvel 【Get Price】

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If you would like to discuss the specifics of your project please feel free to give us a call and we can go over some options for you. Reply; Inaccurate; Brian O'Leary Staff on Jul A common problem on pontoon boats is the laminate on plywood deck is destroyed when removing old carpet. Would Coosa board have similar 【Get Price】

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Mar 2, 2018 Pontoon boat decks usually involve basic plywood installed over an aluminum frame. Instead of replacing the plywood with more plywood, boat owners should consider using quality fully-capped composite decking on a pontoon boat to create a beautiful, long-lasting surface. 【Get Price】

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Is the floor on your pontoon soft, carpet moldy and rotting, and you're wondering if the next wave you hit might buckle your party barge in two? Then it's Now you're ready to take off the old flooring. We used ?-inch treated plywood (the cheaper option), but if you really want your floor to last, opt for marine-grade plywood. 【Get Price】

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The most common material used for boat flooring is BC plywood, and it is also used for fiberglass boats in particular. Start removing the old damaged material using an electric saw to cut it; if the stringers and bulkheads are rotten, get them replaced with fiberglass ones. Then, unscrew the center console box and the seat 【Get Price】

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Mar 17, 2011 My lowest deck at scupper level of course eventually gets every drop of water that lands anywhere on the boat. So my most immediate questions (other than why this shouldn't be done) are what type of plywood, and what to bed the plywood in over the very slightly uneven Old Grey Inquisitive One. 【Get Price】

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Sep 18, 2013 (Click here to view our pontoon forum and check out complete pontoon restorations); If your plywood flooring is in good shape and you don't need to replace it take some time to touch up any bad areas. All of the old carpeting and glue must be removed from the deck or else it could react to the new glue and 【Get Price】

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Mar 5, 2017 Marine plywood is often used to build boat interiors and to replace flooring during boat renovations. But why do we have to use plywood You lose the strength of the plywood backing over time meaning that the fibreglass is then vulnerable to cracks and structural damage. Unless a large amount of 【Get Price】

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Installing Marine Carpet. How do I remove my old marine carpet? Before attempting to remove your old marine carpet, first determine if your marine plywood deck is in good shape. Boat carpet will often pull up easily as age has taken its toll. If not, carpet removal will be a "fun" task. To determine if your marine plywood deck 【Get Price】

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Both wood and fiberglass boats are usually built with a flat wood floor that sits over the bottom and creates a surface on which seats can be placed and Varnish the wood. Use two coats of spar varnish. This will help prevent future rotting. Lay the new carpeting. Cut to size by laying the old floor on top of the carpeting. 【Get Price】

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how to waterproof an osb floor decking - outdoor wpc to put decking over plywood floors - Wood Plastic Composite Floor ForTongue and groove over a Resurfacing plywood deck with Restore completed project - Duration: 1:27. greenrumour 13,062 views 1:27 Time Lapse Epoxy Sheathing Plywood Boat Decks 【Get Price】

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Feb 14, 2017 My New Floor. At the end of the season in 1999, my boat convinced me that it needed a new floor. It said, "If you don't give me a new floor, I'm (As a result, when I was done, the new floor was 5/8" higher than the old one.) 2. I bought 3/4 inch pressure treated exterior plywood and cut it to fit the boat. 【Get Price】

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Aug 31, 2017 It is a slightly better solution because the glass can sustain tensile loads (if it is thick enough – which causes problems with expense and weight) and the old polyester resin doesn't stick to wood very well – see … Epoxy or polyester resin for wooden boats. With a properly installed ply deck – it is all one 【Get Price】

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Jan 8, 2013 Christopher, you might want to check out JAMESTOWN DISTRIBUTORS for the epoxy, fiberglass and CPES for the marine plywood. I spent about $1600.00 . It looks just like your boat. my husband seems to think he can just put another layer over the existing rotted floor which has mold, I say no! You dont 【Get Price】

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Jul 31, 2014 Once the plywood begins to delaminate, the deck will feel spongy underfoot. This is discomforting and unsafe to walk on, and also reduces the athwartship (side to side) hull stiffness the floor would normally provide. If not repaired, the plywood will rot. I have repaired boats that were less than five years old 【Get Price】