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A re-skin is a great lower-cost alternative to building a whole new deck, provided the existing framing is up to the task. I'm getting a lot of requests for deck remodels, and I'm not sure how to price the jobs, or whether it's a problem to reuse the existing frame. Do you have any guidelines or points to consider? Login or 【Get Price】

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Hello, I am in the middle of a project to replace the pressure treated deck boards on the deck behind my house. The joists under the decking are still in relatively good shape so I'm planning to reuse them. The problem I I'd only do this if the new decking wasn't going to cover the holes. -- "Well, at least we 【Get Price】

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Sep 26, 2016 I hauled the old deck boards to the local wood recycle center where they were ground into wood chips and reused. 12-ldw_16_05665. The pressure-treated beams under the old deck were in great shape. I scraped off debris and removed nails remaining in the top surface. Note the one old deck board I left 【Get Price】

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Replace or shim up any sagging joists before installing the new decking. Align the first deck board perpendicular to the floor joists and overhanging the outside edge of the deck. Screw the board in place using 3” long, rust resistant deck screws. Pressure treated deck boards which have been kiln dried after treatment 【Get Price】

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Jun 18, 2012 it as a decking material--unless you have plans to refinish it each and every year. The 2x4 also wouldn't make for a sufficient floor joist, so you'd have to use new structural lumber for that anyways. If it's old lumber, I'd consider saving it for another construction project, or donate it to your local re-use center 【Get Price】

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May 1, 2010 If the decay on the top of the joists is minor, they can probably be reused. Joists can be air-dried, and the tops sealed with a self-adhering polymer-modified bitumen membrane (like Vycor from Grace Construction Products,; or BT25 from Protecto Wrap, Shift the new 【Get Price】

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1 thing to check before deciding to reuse the deck framework is whether the deck footings, posts and joists are structurally sound. Here are the main things you should examine when making the decision. 1. Sound footings. Start from the ground up by examining the footings. You've probably noticed if your deck footings 【Get Price】